CAES solves tomorrow’s problems today

CAES engineers design solutions for tomorrow’s missions, helping to create products that make the world a better, safer place. Our components are used in applications across the United States aerospace and defense industry.

As you help us answer the biggest technology challenges of our time, you’ll discover new opportunities for learning, development and career growth. You’ll also find a wide range of health, wealth and wellbeing benefits.

"I'm proud of the hardworking, dedicated employees at CAES who show up every day to support our customers and our mission."

- Mike Kahn, CAES President and CEO


Our components enable the greatest aerospace and defense technologies

CAES’ world-leading solutions help push the boundaries of space exploration and defense technology. Our products form an integral part of a wide range of high-profile projects from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to the Missile Defense Radars (AMDR/SPY-6). Your work here will play a significant part in designing the future.


Our high-performing solutions

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